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We want to see more of you and are excited to see your responses. Follow the instructions below, if you have any questions message us at


Congratulations! You were selected out of a talented pool of applicants.


Step #1

Scroll below and view the questions. Read them and prepare your repsonse.

Step #2

After reading all 3 questions, record your response. PLEASE record landscape and have a clear video and audio submission. You can use your phone or laptop to record and submit!

Step #3

After recording your responses to the 3 questions upload the videos individually to the accompanying questions. Please have all your videos ready together and submit all at once. 

Question #1

Give us your greatest pitch. Think of an elevator pitch. Tell us your full name, age, and where you are located and what makes you special. This could be your extensive experience, your unique hobbies or talents... or anything else in between. Impress us!

Question #2

Part of our business is largely involved with young children. Tell us a favorite memory or experience you had as a child!

Question #3

Why do you want to work with Fire Truck Rentals of Atlanta? What can you bring to the company? What do you have that we need?

Form Submission 

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