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Josh and Tyler

Josh and Tyler were just like any other kids - they loved playing pretend and imagining themselves as heroes saving the day. But one day, their fantasy became a reality when they stumbled upon a real-life fire truck! As they climbed inside and pretended to drive around town, they felt like they were living their dream. Now, they want to give you the chance to live your dream too! Rent their fire truck and let the adventure begin.

The Fire Truck!

The 1994 Pierce Fire Engine has a rich history of service in multiple Texas fire departments. It was initially put into operation under the Houston Fire Department, where it dutifully served the community for numerous years. Later, it was sold to the Tawakoni Fire Department, where it continued its remarkable service before being decommissioned. Recently, it was acquired by Fire Truck Rentals of Atlanta. Over the years, the fire engine has battled and contained countless fires and has been instrumental in saving many lives.


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